About the programme

The haPPy co-branded card is a co-branded product provided by the Nep Lojaliti company and the NLB Bank.

This credit card has an international validity, which primary feature is to refund the money (cashback) during almost any transaction in the country and abroad. The amount of the money refund depends on the sales location where the transaction is made and varies from 1% to 12% for transactions made with the traders - programme partners, and for all the other transactions the refund is up to 0,6%.

According to its features, this card will enhance the consumers' experience to a different level and it will become their first choice of payment. Recognized by over 1.300 sales locations throughout the country, which include over 30 industry sectors, this card provides great benefits for the consumer during its each use. The Loyalty Programme brings together the different trade brands in Macedonia, whose range of products meets extensively the daily consumption needs of the consumers.

The consumers do not need now to keep tens of cards in their wallets because this co-branded card is all they need. Every time the card is used in the country and abroad, or online payments, the loyalty of the consumer is rewarded.