Info about the card

Basic information

NLB haPPy co-branded card of the Mastercard platform with international coverage.

A no-contact card that may be used every day in the country and abroad for all kinds of purchases and for the return of your money.

Type of card product

  • Revolving credit card product.;
  • Credit limit approval.
  • Return of at least 5% or more of the monthly spending, in accordance with your possibilities

Benefits for the client

  • Possibility for the execution of cashback up to 12% out of the transaction value during every purchase within the partnership network, which includes over 300 traders and over 1.300 sales locations.
  • A guaranteed refund – cashback up to 0,6% out of the turnover made at the sales locations outside the partnership network* (in and out of the country). 

Annual membership

Membership - 600 denars (50 denars in 12 installments).

Application cost:

300 denars, one-time payment.

Interest rate

  • Regular interest rate - 10% on an annual basis.
  • Punitive interest rate - 10% on an annual basis.

Additional information

  • Minimum monthly repayment up to 5% of the total matured liabilities  
  • No interest rate Grace period up to 45 days.
  • Free SMS notifications for all the transactions made with the co-branded card.

Where to apply

  • Apply at the NLB Bank branches and the Neptun shops..
  • A possibility for an instant approval of the card credit limit at the Neptun shops, and a possibility to make an instant purchase,, without having the card physically at hand.

Necessary documentation

  • Identity card/passport;
  • Employment certificate or personal income certificate, or the last pension check ; (download here the PDF certificate).
  • A verified extract of the transaction account, where the three last salaries or pensions shall be verified (applicable only to the persons that do not get their salary/pension at the NLB Bank Ad Skopje.)

Here you can download the information form before you sign the contract.

The client can exercise his right to a reimbursement (cashback) within the partners' network only if he/she makes the payment at a POS Terminal of the NLB Bank AD Skopje.

The money won’t be returned for the following transactions:

- Money withdrawal

- Casino transactions, sports betting or other games of luck.

- Overhead cost payments (including water bills, electricity and heating bills, Cable TV bills, and telecommunications)

- Payments made at public and state institutions and bodies (for taxes, administrative taxes, forms, broadcasting taxes, etc.)

- Public transportation costs (bus tickets, train tickets and any other public transportation)

- Transactions made at gas stations outside the partnership network

- Adult contents

- Money transfer (directly via the Mastercard Money Send or indirectly via the other payment platforms).